Richmond Son

An Australian Boy's Experience in Richmond during the 1950s   

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Bridge Road & Burnley Street 1955
A Richmond Story; A Boy's Story in Richmond;  A Boy's Memoir in the 1950s; Life in Richmond, Victoria;
The intersection of Bridge Road and Burnley Street, Richmond.     How it appeared in 1955.

The memoir of Peter R Fitton 

A boy's experience of growing up in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia during the 1950s

A boy's story; A story of Richmond, Victoria; Life in

It was a different life, a different world.

Happy as we were, there was so little compared to what we have today.   No television, no supermarkets, few homes with telephones, outdoor toilets, many homes without refrigerators, sterling currency, home delivered milk, old cars, petrol by the gallon, Saturday afternoon movies for the kids, horse drawn carts delivering milk, firewood, bread, briquettes, coke and ice.   The horses and carts were also used to collect the garbage and empty bottles.

I attended a Catholic School where I was taught by Nuns.  Their focus was on saving our souls and along the way they taught us to read, write and to add up.   They also taught us to have a conscience, to know right from wrong and to uphold the teachings of the Church.

Peter recalls the way it was in and around Melbourne.

My book opens a door upon the life and times in and around our City of Melbourne in an era before television, the age of jet travel, when post-war European migration was in full swing and when jobs were available for all.