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Why Peter wrote Richmond Son

I wrote Richmond Son as a testament to the life and times in Richmond as seen through the eyes of a young boy during the 1950s.  With excellent recall and a wish to leave an account of how life was in this inner suburb close to Melbourne, I have written Richmond Son as a series of short stories.   The book presents accounts of how life was for children during the middle 1950s.  When compared to the lives we lead today, my experience defies belief.

What one reader has said

An absorbing window into the life of a boy growing up in post War suburban Melbourne.  This was a unique period in Australia’s history.  Everyone had work, which brought a good standard of living, and there was a strong focus on family values.  Having lived through this era, I was reminded of what most children had:  a pleasant home life, good schooling and exciting family outings.  There was also clear-cut discipline, mostly gently applied, to keep one on the ‘straight and narrow’.  I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone, from nine to ninety (or older), who enjoys a good narrative about Australia’s past.    Diane Watson, N.S.W.

Peter R. Fitton

Melbourne has been my city.   I take pride in it as I do my country, believing that we are very fortunate to live in this wonderful land.    Old Richmond may have been down, but it was never out.   It was an earthy place to live in during the transformational 1950s.

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