My School

St James Church in Kent Street with the school alongside

I attended St James Catholic Primary School in Davison Street, Richmond from 1955 through to 1960.   I had not attended pre-school, my mother not wishing any of her children to attend kindergarten.

St James was a parish school of the times, situated on land around three acres in area.    On this site lived the Parish Priest in his Presbytery, a domestic house, situated directly behind the Church and facing Somerset Street.

The Old Convent

The Nuns lived in their Convent, a quiet, yet imposing building that faced Burnley Street.   During my time at St James, the Convent was demolished and a new Convent was constructed in Davison Street.

The New Convent

The sense of scarcity was obvious, even to the children.   The prosperous times we take for granted today, were still some way off in the 1950s.  Making matters worse was the failure of government to assist Catholic schools with funding.    It was a sore point and fueled religious tensions during those years.